[Social networks and medicine].


Social networks (social media or #SoMe) have entered medical practice within the last few years. These new media--like Twitter or Skype--enrich interactions among physicians (telemedicine), among physicians and patients (virtual consultations) and change the way of teaching medicine. They also entail new ethical, deontological and legal issues: the extension of the consultation area beyond the medical office and the access of information by third parties were recently debated. We develop here a review of some social networks with their characteristics, applications for medicine and limitations, and we offer some recommendations of good practice.

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@article{Bastardot2015SocialNA, title={[Social networks and medicine].}, author={François Bastardot and Peter Vollenweider and P-M Marques-Vidal}, journal={Revue médicale suisse}, year={2015}, volume={11 493}, pages={2050-2, 2054} }