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Social media affects the timing, location, and severity of school shootings

  title={Social media affects the timing, location, and severity of school shootings},
  author={Javier Garcia-Bernardo and Hong Qi and James M. Shultz and Alyssa M. Cohen and Neil F. Johnson and Peter Sheridan Dodds},
Over the past two decades, school shootings within the United States have repeatedly devastated communities and shaken public opinion. Many of these attacks appear to be `lone wolf' ones driven by specific individual motivations, and the identification of precursor signals and hence actionable policy measures would thus seem highly unlikely. Here, we take a system-wide view and investigate the timing of school attacks and the dynamical feedback with social media. We identify a trend divergence… Expand
Economic insecurity and the rise in gun violence at US schools
Frequent school shootings are a unique US phenomenon that has defied understanding1,2. Uncovering the aetiology of this problem is hampered by the lack of an established dataset3,4. Here we assembleExpand
The Contagion of Mass Shootings: The Interdependence of Large-Scale Massacres and Mass Media Coverage
ABSTRACT Mass public shootings have generated significant levels of fear in the recent years, with many observers criticizing the media for fostering a moral panic, if not an actual rise in theExpand
Extremist ideology as a complex contagion: the spread of far-right radicalization in the United States between 2005 and 2017
  • Mason Youngblood
  • Computer Science, Political Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Communications
  • 2020
Both social media usage and group membership enhance the spread of extremist ideology, suggesting that online and physical organizing remain primary recruitment tools of the far-right movement. Expand
Law Enforcement's Response to Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence
  • P. Barone
  • Psychology
  • Handbook of Research on Mass Shootings and Multiple Victim Violence
  • 2020
This chapter addresses various methods used by law enforcement to examine mass shootings. It reviews the fact that there is not one consistent definition of mass shootings, and that lacking thisExpand


Rampage: The Social Roots Of School Shootings
In the last decade, school shootings have decimated communities and terrified parents, teachers, and children in even the most "family friendly" American towns and suburbs. These tragedies appear toExpand
School shootings: Making sense of the senseless
School shootings have altered the patina of seclusion and safety that once characterized public and higher education. Callous and brutal, school shootings seem to make no sense. However, caseExpand
Aggression and violent behavior
A concise (no more than 200 words) and factual abstract is required. This should be on a separate page following the title page and should not contain reference citations. Graphical abstract AlthoughExpand
In the public interest?
That its officers should be accountable for what they do goes without saying and that's why we established the Parliamentary Inspector and why the Parliament has been given a specific brief to beExpand
Aggressive behavior.
Aimed at behavioral scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroendocrinologists, anthropologists, zoologists, the journal focuses on either overt or implied conflict behaviors. Papers concerningExpand
Elements of the random walk
The random walk and the O(n) model: mean field theory and spin waves, Scaling, fractals, and renormalization 12. Expand
The European Physical Journal D
EPJ E publishes papers describing advances in the understanding of physical aspects of Soft Matter and Biological Systems. The journal includes reports of experimental, computational and theoreticalExpand
Texas State University and Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C.
  • 2014
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 81
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