Social marketing in public health.

  title={Social marketing in public health.},
  author={Sonya A. Grier and Carol A. Bryant},
  journal={Annual review of public health},
Social marketing, the use of marketing to design and implement programs to promote socially beneficial behavior change, has grown in popularity and usage within the public health community. Despite this growth, many public health professionals have an incomplete understanding of the field. To advance current knowledge, we provide a practical definition and discuss the conceptual underpinnings of social marketing. We then describe several case studies to illustrate social marketing's application… 

Formulating Effective Social Marketing and Public Health Communication Strategies

In this chapter, an approach is presented for developing more effective communication strategies for the purpose of influencing greater audience compliance with social marketing and public health campaigns.

Social marketing: an appropriate strategy to reduce oral health inequalities?

This paper examines whether social marketing could provide a conceptual framework for behaviour change to improve oral health.

The application of social marketing to promoting men's health: A brief critique

This article introduces a critical view of some social marketing approaches in men’s health policy and practice. The key concepts of social marketing are introduced, and the application of marketing

Social marketing: an underutilized tool for promoting adolescent health.

The basic tenets of social marketing as a behavior change process are described, its previously successful applications with adolescent audience segments are identified, and both lessons learned and projected future applications that employ emerging communication technologies are offered.

Targeted marketing and public health.

It is critical that practitioners, academics, and policy makers in marketing, public health, and other fields recognize and understand targeted marketing as a specific contextual influence on the health of children and adolescents and, for different reasons, ethnic minority populations and other populations who may benefit from public health protections.

Promoting Public Health: Understanding the Limitations of Marketing Principles and the Need for Alternative Approaches

The two health issues of ageing and obesity are presented as examples of cases in which (social) marketing strategies will not be effective unless implemented as recommended in the literature—they need to be thoroughly researched, strategically implemented, well-resourced, and persistent in nature.

The effectiveness of social marketing in HIV prevention: a literature review

Nowadays, social marketing is a widely used approach to address public health issues. Social marketing sells behaviour, making the products, which aims to support the changes in audience behaviour,

Social marketing: a commercial marketing strategy for understanding and improving health

For success of social marketing incorporation of consumers as partners into the planning process is must along with training of health professionals to enable them to imbue public health organizations with a marketing mind-set.

Social Marketing for Health: Theoretical and Conceptual Considerations

  • M. Shams
  • Business
    Selected Issues in Global Health Communications
  • 2018
Marketing, besides education and enforcement, is a strategy to change behaviors. The most important question for commercial marketers is: “What can we do to persuade people to buy our products?” They

Social Marketing and Public Health: An Ethnographic Investigation

Social marketing is the latest public health strategy deployed against a wide range of health imperatives, especially ones associated with people’s behaviour. This investigation examines the ‘social’



Social marketing

  • Ali Montazeri
  • Medicine, Education
    Journal of the Royal Society of Health
  • 1997
It is concluded that priority should be given to health-oriented approaches rather than market-oriented strategies, and that social marketing is a tool not a solution for health education's and health promotion's problems.

Social marketing for public health.

The field of social marketing as it is used to improve the health of the public is described and a disciplined process of strategic planning can yield new insights into consumer behavior and product design.

Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health

This book discusses social and Behavioral Factors in Health and Illness Behavior in Developing Countries, as well as specific topics such as health behavior in developing countries and the role of stigma in health decision-making.

Is Social Marketing an Effective Tool to Reduce Health Disparities?

The health status of people of color in the United States remains unconscionably low when contrasted with that of the U.S. majority population, largely due to factors that are modifiable. This paper

Social marketing: Principles and practice

SMQ / VOL. X / NO. 1 / SPRING 2004 This book, authored by two of Australia’s leading social marketing researchers and practitioners, is a welcome addition to the social marketing literature for at

Community-Based Prevention Marketing: The Next Steps in Disseminating Behavior Change

CBPM is being piloted to prevent the initiation of smoking and alcohol consumption among middle-school students and has the potential to enhance program integration into existing community structures, making them more effective and sustainable.

Social Marketing: Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?

This article follows in the recent tradition of calls for marketers to become more engaged in social marketing. Given that public health represents the core of social marketing's domain, it is

The Critical Contribution of Social Marketing

This paper examines the symbiotic relationship between social, commercial, and critical marketing thought. Marketers seek to influence consumer behaviour. Much ill health and many social problems are

Carrots, Sticks, and Promises: A Conceptual Framework for the Management of Public Health and Social Issue Behaviors

A conceptual framework is proposed for the management of public health and social issue behaviors that relies on education, marketing, and law as its three primary classes of strategic tools.

VERB™ — A Social Marketing Campaign to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth

This paper describes how the social marketing principles of product, price, place, and promotion were applied to formulate the strategies and tactics of the VERB campaign, and it provides examples of the multimedia materials that were created.