Social marketing: A pathway to consumption reduction?

  title={Social marketing: A pathway to consumption reduction?},
  author={Kenneth John Peattie and Susan Peattie},
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Consumer Education Using Social Marketing
In the context of the new knowledge-based economy aims this article to present the ways in which social marketing can help society with of the correction of irrational consumption and sustainable
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Social marketing is a cross-field new area of social science that studies how to improve the overall life quality of human beings through adopting marketing strategies and skills without aiming at
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Abstract There is increasing pressure for society to move towards more sustainable use of its resources, and calls in the literature have been made to reassess marketing’s role in achieving such
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Over the last decade, social marketing has moved away from traditional marketing management approaches towards service-oriented theory, integrating concepts from other disciplines, to account for the
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This article aims to discuss the crisis of identity and ethical issues addressed to social marketing and understand its current proposal. This is a critical paper built from researches of several
Social marketing: a commercial marketing strategy for understanding and improving health
For success of social marketing incorporation of consumers as partners into the planning process is must along with training of health professionals to enable them to imbue public health organizations with a marketing mind-set.


Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change
A marketing planning approach is not a guarantee for the achievement of social objectives; yet, it represents a bridging mechanism linking the knowledge of the behavioral scientist with the socially useful implementation of that knowledge.
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This paper examines the symbiotic relationship between social, commercial, and critical marketing thought. Marketers seek to influence consumer behaviour. Much ill health and many social problems are
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Because the environmental crisis is so unprecedented, few business leaders know how to assess ecological implications of marketing decisions. The theory of responsible consumption offers a guide to
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