Social cognition and discourse processing goals in the analysis of `ex-gay' rhetoric

  title={Social cognition and discourse processing goals in the analysis of `ex-gay' rhetoric},
  author={Craig O. Stewart},
  journal={Discourse \& Society},
  pages={63 - 83}
This article reports a critical discourse analysis of a series of newspaper advertisements advocating `ex-gay' ministries and `reparative therapy' for homosexuality — interventions designed to `treat' homosexuality through prayer or psychoanalysis. These ads, part of an effort to make `ex-gay' discourse more central to the public communication strategies of conservative, anti-gay political groups, feature both narrative and statistical arguments that gay men and lesbians can be converted to… 

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The “ex-gay” movement does not encourage people to pray the gay away but confess the gay away. As a loose organization of mostly Christian ministries and psychotherapy practices that offers “freedom

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A case study of the legislative and media discourse surrounding the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity language to the employment nondiscrimination ordinance of a city in the heart of the Bible Belt to uncover how different identities were constructed and contested at city council meetings and in the news media on the way to passing legal protection for LGBT city employees.

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These advertisements are examined as a contest over cultural symbols and values, and over the very definition of lesbian and gay identity, which had the potential to impact activist politics greatly but was mitigated significantly by a similar set of ads produced in response by an opposing movement.

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Immigration discourses and their impact on multiculturalism: a discursive and experimental study.

  • M. Verkuyten
  • Sociology, Psychology
    The British journal of social psychology
  • 2005
The endorsement of multiculturalism was found to depend on whether the notion of 'personal choice' or that of 'lack of choice' was elicited, and the endorsement oficulturalism was greater in the latter condition than in the former.

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Ideological change is arduous and complex work, particularly for marginalized groups that lack the power and authority to challenge dominant ideas. This study analyzes how subordinates can accomplish

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In this paper, I analyze the personal narratives of “ex-gay” individuals who are attempting to transform their sexual identity in order to bring this identity in line with their understanding of

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