Social book search: Reranking based on document and query expansion with keyword Filtering

  title={Social book search: Reranking based on document and query expansion with keyword Filtering},
  author={R. Kumar and Guggila Bhanodai and R. Pamula},
  journal={2017 4th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS)},
Online searching of books have gained astounding popularity worldwide. It has also attracted variety of researchers globally. Searching of books (e.g., aNobii, LibraryThing etc) with the help of Social metadata(e.g. tags, reviews) and professional metadata (e.g. ISBN Number, Title, Publisher) is gradually becoming a sizzling hot topic under the aegis of Information Retrieval. In this paper, taking Social Book Search as an example, our experiment is divided into three folds: Firstly… Expand
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