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Social Workers Linking Together Family Norms and Child Protection Norms

  title={Social Workers Linking Together Family Norms and Child Protection Norms},
  author={Evan Klose Friis},
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Considering Family and Child Welfare in Lithuania in Terms of Social Sustainability Pursuant to Observations of Everyday Professional Practice
This article investigates the family and child welfare system in Lithuania in terms of social sustainability, with an emphasis on children’s rights. The conceptual framework of Gilbert et al. (2011a)Expand


Sociala normer och regelefterlevnad
The thesis aims to: (a) broaden the knowledge base that makes up the foundation for decisions with regard to how traffic law enforcement is best outlined, as well as increasing the understanding ofExpand
Barnavårdsutredningar. En kunskapsöversikt. Stockholm: Gothia Förlag
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Den kommunala barnavården - om anmälningar, organisation och utfall
The thesis presents descriptions and analyses of the municipal-based work that precedes service provision in child welfare, i.e. referrals where concerns regarding children and adolescents are madeExpand
Parental experience of child protection intervention: a qualitative study.
The ways parents perceive workers using power was shown to be the primary influence shaping parents' views of intervention and their reactions to it, highlighting the importance of practitioners and policy makers being aware of the impact power has on worker-parent interaction. Expand
Child physical abuse : Reports and interventions
This thesis was begun in 1998 at a time when increased numbers of police reports regarding child physical abuse was presented. The increase had been overshadowed by the research on the sexual abuseExpand
The Sociology of Law: An Introduction
The social basis of law law as an instrument of social change law as an integrative mechanism law, power and ideology the acceptance and legitimacy of law professional guardianship of law judges,Expand
  • Lund Studies in Sociology of Law. Lund: Sociologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet.
  • 2002
Relationship competencies in child welfare services.
  • B. Drake
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Social work
  • 1994
A series of nine focus groups were conducted to obtain worker and client views of key competencies in child welfare services, finding the worker's ability to establish an effective working relationship as the primary prerequisite to effective assessment or intervention. Expand
Parallella processer : En rättsvetenskaplig studie av riskbedömningar i vårdnads- och LVU-mål
Crimes against children are among the most complicated. One of the reasons is high demand on the evidence in a criminal case. As a consequence, many alleged crimes may be difficult to solve. In ordExpand
"Det blir nog bättre för barnen..." Slutrapport i utvärderingen av nationell försöksverksamhet med barnahus 2006-2007
Rattssociologiska enheten har haft uppdraget att utvardera forsoksverksamheten med barnahus for barn som utsatts for brott. Socialtjanst, sjukvard och rattsvardande myndigheter ska samverka under ettExpand