Social Welfare in Macau — Between East and West: A Comparative, Analytical Welfare Regime Perspective

  title={Social Welfare in Macau — Between East and West: A Comparative, Analytical Welfare Regime Perspective},
  author={Samuel Hui and Christian Aspalter and Dicky Wai Leung Lai},
  journal={Political Economy: Government Expenditures \& Related Policies eJournal},
This paper examines the Macau welfare model. Having experienced a structural shift in its economic development, establishing a Casino-based economy, Macau has yet to develop an adequate social security system. This paper examines the history, and particularly the recent period since the Handover to Chinese authorities in 1999, of the welfare system in Macau, and compares the current state of the welfare system with that of neighboring countries and territories. The paper concludes that Macau is… Expand
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