Social Statics

  title={Social Statics},
  author={Herbert Spencer and Michael Taylor}

Healthcare and the slippery slope of state growth: lessons from the past.

  • A. Mingardi
  • Medicine, Political Science
    The Journal of medicine and philosophy
  • 2015
Reading Spencer and Hayek helps to understand how the crisis of state-supplied healthcare is not rooted in the mere progress of clinical technology, but is rather the logical consequence of the theoretical basis of the model itself.

Herbert Spencer, Sociological Theory, and the Professions

New insights are presented into Spencer's theoretical sociology as he applied it to the professions and professional institutions, which he discussed extensively, particularly in his Principles of Sociology.

Educational and historical evidences as basis for formation of sociology (A. Comte and H. Spencer)

The article considers the initial stage of the nascent period of historical sociology, connected with the ideas of A. Comte and G. Spencer, the basis of which was the concrete historical material,

The implications of the concept of freedom regarding its conditions, restrictions and value with respect to learners

  • S. Shehata
  • Education
    Egyptian Journal of Educational Sciences
  • 2022
The current discussion was a attempt to construct a theoretical framework of freedom in education that depends on the analysis of the concept of freedom. This analysis treated, firstly, the

Reconceptualizing the Global Transformation of Islam in the Colonial Period: Early Islamic Reform in British-Ruled India and Egypt

Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, European empires extended their rule over most of the Muslim world. The present article argues that these empires promoted three

The Influence of Digital Transformations on the Processes of Personal Identification in the Conditions of Social Systems Functioning

The article deals with the specifics of person identification processes in the conditions of social systems functioning. The author notes that identification is a social action, the purpose of which


While the libertarian theory of property rights has been thoroughly studied, there has been minimal research done in regard to a deceased person’s ability to dictate the future of the property he

Economics in sociology? Original economic theories, concepts and approaches in classical sociologists

This paper explores the presence and consideration of economics in sociology, specifically its classical version. It identifies certain original and independent economic theories, concepts and

Inclusive Education in Chinese Primary Schools – A Critical Realist Analysis

This qualitative study critically examines the exclusion and inclusion of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities in Chinese primary schools. The settings are four mainstream

Historically contested concepts: A conceptual history of philanthropy in France, 1712-1914

Since W. B. Gallie introduced the notion of essentially contested concepts (ECCs) in 1956, social science scholars have increasingly used his framework to analyze key concepts drawing “endless