Social Skills Interventions for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism: A Review and Recommendations

  title={Social Skills Interventions for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism: A Review and Recommendations},
  author={Patricia A Rao and Deborah C. Beidel and Michael J. Murray},
  journal={Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders},
This paper reviews the literature examining social skills training (SST) programs for youth with AS/HFA, with an emphasis on critically evaluating efficacy and highlighting areas of future research. The review highlights the disparity between SST programs described in the extant literature, including lack of a universal definition of social skills, various levels of intensity and duration of treatment, divergent theoretical backgrounds, and variety in services provided in clinic or classroom… 

Social Competence Intervention for Youth with Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism: An Initial Investigation

Across 27 students age 11–14 with a HFA/AS diagnosis, results indicated significant improvement on parent reports of social skills and executive functioning and SCI appears promising, however, larger samples and application in naturalistic settings are warranted.

A social competence intervention for young children with high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome: a pilot study

Findings suggest that, despite their rigid interests and behavior patterns, the social limitations of these children improved when provided with the necessary environmental resources.

Social Competence Intervention for Elementary Students with Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

The elementary SCI program appears promising, however, additional replications are necessary including expansion to school settings, as significant improvements on direct assessments measuring theory of mind and problem solving, and parent perceptions of overall social abilities and executive functioning are indicated.

Social skills training for youth with autism spectrum disorders: a follow-up.

Critical Review: Is LEGO© Therapy effective as a social skills intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

This critical review examines the effectiveness of LEGO© Therapy, a new holistic approach to improving social competence in children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Improving Social Skills in Adolescents and Adults with Autism and Severe to Profound Intellectual Disability: A Review of the Literature

A developmental framework of adapting early childhood interventions for use with youth and adults with ASD and S/PID is proposed as one starting point for intervention development.

A review of social skills interventions for adults with autism and intellectual disability

A critically review of strategies and interventions used to develop social skills with adults with autism and ID (of all levels) and autism, focusing on interventions for both positive and negative social behaviours.

Social Skill Interventions for Youth and Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

This article is intended to synthesize the broader literature investigating the effectiveness and salient features of interventions designed to enhance the social competence of youth and adults with



Social Skills Training for Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Significant pre- to post-treatment gains were found on measures of both social competence and problem behaviors associated with AS/HFA, and parent-reported improvement suggests that social skills learned in group sessions generalize to settings outside the treatment group.

Effects of Social Skill Instruction for High-Functioning Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Investigation of the efficacy of using the SCore Skills Strategy to teach high-functioning adolescents With autism spectrum disorders five important social skills indicates that all of the boys made significant gains in performance of the five targeted social skills and that the SCORE Skills Strategy is a viable program to use with high- functioning adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

A Social Adjustment Enhancement Intervention for High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS

The curriculum was designed to address three areas hypothesized to be deficient in persons with HFA, AS, and PDDNOS: emotion recognition and understanding; theory of mind; and executive functions/real life type problem solving.

Living with ASD

Using two structured questionnaires, 19 children with ASD reported difficulties with social skills including social engagement and temper management and also reported difficultiesWith social competence, affecting both friendships and peer relationships.

The Application of Social Skills Training in the Treatment of a Child With Asperger's Disorder

This case study describes the application of a social skills program to the treatment of a 10-year-old boy with Asperger's and the results in both the short and long term are described.

Using Social Stories to Improve the Social Behavior of Children With Asperger Syndrome

To date, the empirical support for the use of social story interventions for children with Asperger syndrome (AS) is small. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of individualized

Challenges in Evaluating Psychosocial Interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

In 2002, the National Institutes of Health sponsored a meeting concerning methodological challenges of research in psychosocial interventions in Autism Spectrum Disorders, with a focus on relevant statistics, standardized documentation and methods of diagnosis.

Teaching theory of mind: A new approach to social skills training for individuals with autism

This study examined the effectiveness of a social skills training program for normal-IQ adolescents with autism and demonstrated meaningful change in the treatment group's performance on several false belief tasks, but no improvement in the control sample.

Examining the Effectiveness of an Outpatient Clinic–Based Social Skills Group for High-Functioning Children with Autism

Results indicate that a social skills group implemented in an outpatient clinic setting was effective in improving greeting and play skills, with less clear improvements noted in conversation skills.

Social skills interventions for the autism spectrum: essential ingredients and a model curriculum.