Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary

  title={Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary},
  author={Jonathan H Gruber and Kevin S. Milligan and David A. Wise},
  journal={Social Security},
This is the introduction and summary to the fourth phase of an ongoing project on Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World. The first phase described the retirement incentives inherent in plan provisions and documented the strong relationship across countries between social security incentives to retire and the proportion of older persons out of the labor force. The second phase documented the large effects that changing plan provisions would have on the labor force… 

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IREA: IHS Microsimulation Model for Retirement Behaviour in Austria ; Final Report ; Funded by the European Commission (DG EMPL-Progress)

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