Social Sciences theories and MIS : towards user-focused IS management


The concept of the IT sector user is not only limited but is also an object of fascination in Information Systems Management (ISM). The present paper attempts to explore concepts regarding this actor, considered as fickle and erratic by recent theoretical research such as the theory of human agency, through the lens of social science theories. Our approach, which does not claim to be exhaustive, focuses primarily on research into ISM that has adopted social theories to develop its arguments. We explain the context of this research in order to shed new light on IS user activities. Our paper attempts firstly to provide an overview of evolutions regarding the place of human beings in IS research, secondly, to identify contributions made by certain IS studies that have harnessed social theories, and thirdly, to explore potential future lines of research by pointing to a lack of interest in certain theories that we believe could be useful in filling gaps in present IS research.

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