Social Science and Social Action

  title={Social Science and Social Action},
  author={Rebecca Emerson Dobash and Russell P. Dobash},
  journal={Journal of Family Issues},
  pages={439 - 470}
Elationship between social science and social action as they have developed in the context Of research on violence against wives. After providings brief history of the rise of this social problem in Britain, the social scientist will bc placed in this arena. There, the article examines the existing proposals relating to social science and social action and then develops three fundamental aspects of action research: the methodology. the message, and the relationship between social scientists and… 

Family violence: Multiple levels of assessment and intervention

Abstract Violence in the family is examined as a political, social and practice issue. The literature is reviewed with attention to varying views on the aetiology of violence in the family, including

Understanding Marital Violence in the Black Community

The limitations of theory and the dearth of well-controlled, empirical research on the relationship of race and race-by-class differences to the incidence of marital violence has resulted in an

A Reexamination of the Effects of Race and Social Class on the Incidence of Marital Violence: A Search for Reliable Differences

The limitations of theory as well as the dearth of well-controlled empirical research on the association of race as well as race-by-class differences on the incidence of husband-to-wife violence has

The problem with “battered husbands”

The issue of husband battering is among the most controversial topics in the sociological study of family violence. In the years since the first article about battered husbands was published, claims

What Changes the Societal Prevalence of Domestic Violence

This article questions Straus and Gelles' (1986) conclusion that child abuse and wife abuse were substantially lower in 1985 than in 1975. By refining cohort analysis to apply to sample data, the

Public Attitudes Toward Reporting Partner Violence Against Women and Reporting Behavior

Drawing from attitude-behavior research tradition, this study used a national probabilistic sample of the Spanish adult population (N= 2,432) to test hypotheses regarding correlates of public

A Successful Feminist Shelter: A Case Study of the Family Crisis Shelter in Hawaii

Feminist-run shelters for battered women seek both to provide protection for these women and to empower them with a critique of the society that promotes violence and male domination. Largely because

Behavioral Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Applied Programs for Women.

Behavioral Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Applied Programs for Women Linda P. Thurston, Ph.D. To be maxLmally effective in solving problems, researchers must place their methodological and

The nature and antecedents of violent events.

Violent events form very important parts of those marital or cohabiting relationships in which they occur.1 They usually take place after a build-up and take on an identity of their own which is



The Policing of Families

In "The Policing of Families", Jacques Donzelot, a student and colleague of Michel Foucault, offers an account of public intervention in the regulation of family affairs since the 18th century,

Community Response to Violence Against Wives: Charivari, Abstract Justice and Patriarchy

Here we analyze the forms of community and institutional responses to the problem of wife beating. The regulation of domestic affairs in European communities is traced from the fifteenth century to

Medicine and Patriarchal Violence: The Social Construction of a “Private” Event

Medicine's role in battering suggests that the services function to reconstitute the “private” world of patriarchal authority, with violence if necessary, against demands to socialize the labors of love.

Victims and Aggressors in Marital Violence

One of the cruel ironies of marriage is that, although husbandwife relationships are largely male-dominant, the use of physical violence seems to be one of the few aspects of marriage which approach

The Concept of Alienation

The concept of alienation has been a focus of attention among philosophers, writers, and artists as well as among social scientists for over a century. No doubt this interest reflects an important

Marital Violence and the Criminal Process: Neither Justice nor Peace

Except when it occasionally results in a murder sufficiently bizarre to engender a front-page headline, marital violence has remained below the level of public consciousness. The iceberg quality of

The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism and Feminism: Towards a more Progressive Union

This paper argues that the relation between marxism and feminism has, in all the forms it has so far taken, been an unequal one. While both marxist method and feminist analysis are necessary to an

Measuring intrafamily conflict and violence: The Conflict Tactics (CT) Scales.

Development of research on intrafamily conflict and violence requires both conceptual clarity and measures of the concepts. The introduction to this paper therefore seeks to clarifj and distinguish

Urban policemen: crisis mediators or crisis creators?

  • H. Barocas
  • Psychology
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
  • 1973
If the phenomenon of iatrogenesis is acknowledged, then psychological training in crisis intervention can assist police in the prevention of violence and contribute to community mental health.


Observations from work with the wives of wifebeaters in a court psychiatric clinic suggest that this decision to seek legal assistance is not a simple reaction but rather a result of complex familial interaction.