Social Responsibility and Innovation on Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism: Morphing of Practice into Sustainable Tourism Policies?

  title={Social Responsibility and Innovation on Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism: Morphing of Practice into Sustainable Tourism Policies?},
  author={Camelia M. Tepelus},
  journal={Tourism and Hospitality Research},
  pages={115 - 98}
  • C. Tepelus
  • Published 2008
  • Sociology
  • Tourism and Hospitality Research
Ethical questions related to globalisation, human rights, unfair labour practices and trans-boundary exchanges of capital and workforce create ever more complex challenges for the tourism sustainability agenda. In recent years, the tourism industry has been increasingly challenged by media and governments to provide fast, socially responsible responses to emerging problems resulting from the dissolution of borders and workforce migration. Two particularly challenging phenomena that regularly… Expand

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