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Social Protest in Iraq and Reality of the Internal Shia Dispute

  title={Social Protest in Iraq and Reality of the Internal Shia Dispute},
  author={A. Robert Pargeter},
A wide wave of popular protest has recently sprung up in Iraq, particularly in Shiadominated cities, against deteriorating services and government corruption. These protests have put pressure on the political class to change its agenda and introduce reforms, especially after the country’s top Shia cleric announced his support for the protesters' demands. The protests represent a challenge to the Iraqi government’s ethnic, sectarian and party quota system. They affect (and are affected by) intra… Expand
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The Political Economy of Iraq: Restoring Balance in a Post-Conflict Society
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The Political Economy of Iraq
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Iraq Adopts Revised 2015 Budget Curbed by Low Oil
  • Prices”, Reuters,
  • 2015
Salah's session of the governmental budget
  • 2015
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Consociational Democracy
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