Social Perceptions of Male Pattern Baldness. A Review

  title={Social Perceptions of Male Pattern Baldness. A Review},
  author={Ruth A. Henss},
  journal={Dermatology and Psychosomatics / Dermatologie und Psychosomatik},
  pages={63 - 71}
  • R. Henss
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • Art
  • Dermatology and Psychosomatics / Dermatologie und Psychosomatik
The paper presents a review of the empirical literature on strangers’ perceptions of male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). It also discusses some sociocultural aspects of hair in general, and hair loss in particular. 

Psychology’s medicalization of male baldness

Health psychologists should challenge baldness medicalization so that men can make informed choices about what, if anything, they do with their baldness.

The psychosocial impact of hair loss among men: a multinational European study

A gap between the need for treatment of hair loss and initiation of such treatment among men in five European countries is indicated and further research is needed into the factors affecting men's willingness to seek treatment for hair loss.

Shorn Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance

Three studies contribute to the literature on dominance and nonverbal behavior (Ellyson & Dovidio, 1985) by examining how a man’s choice to shave his head influences person perception. In Study 1,

Beyond Nature Versus Culture: A Multiple Fitness Analysis of Variations in Grooming

Discussion of the nature of personal aesthetics, or physical attractiveness, seems to alternate between two positions, which we term Natural Classicism and Cultural Constructivism. These two

Bald and Bad?

It is concluded that individuating information about bald men suppresses PAS application, but not PAS activation, in different implicit paradigms.

Toupee or Not Toupee?: Cranial Hair and Perceptions of Men’s Attractiveness, Personality, and Other Evolutionary Relevant Traits

The question of whether or not cranial hair affects perceptions of attractiveness, personality, career success, and other traits related to fitness for men in two populations was investigated in two

The impact of cancer and chemotherapy: perceptual similarities and differences between cancer patients, nurses and physicians.

The Influence of Age-Related Cues on Health and Longevity

The authors investigated the effects of age cues on health and longevity in five very different settings and found that women who think they look younger after having their hair colored/cut show a decrease in blood pressure and appear younger in photographs to independent raters.

Gascoigne ’ s powder : A British prescription and home medicine , 1600 s to early 1900 s

Gascoigne’s powder was, for many families in Britain, a household name during the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries. Th is article follows variations in the Gascoigne formula – including the



Losing Hair, Losing Points?: The Effects of Male Pattern Baldness on Social Impression Formation1

In the voluminous research on the psychology of physical appearance, the psychosocial effects of common male pattern baldness (MPB) have been largely neglected. The present experiment examined the

Male Pattern Baldness: classification and Incidence

A complete understanding of male pattern baldness is essential for consistently good results with hair transplantation, and its use in determining the incidence in 1,000 white adult male subjects is reported.


  • J. Hamilton
  • Medicine
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
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Type or categories of scalp hairiness which can be used as standards for classitication and grading of the extent of common baldness are established and the relationship of scdp types to factors which influence the development of baldness is studied.

Impression Formation as a Function of Male Baldness

A computer-morphing procedure was used to produce a “full cranial hair” photograph for comparisons of perceptions by 96 undergraduates of a photograph of a naturally bald 30-yr-old man, showing the full-hair condition was rated significantly more dominant, dynamic, and masculine than the bald condition.

Male hormone stimulation is prerequisite and an incitant in common baldness

The author concludes that the predisposing factors, including congenital, are ineffective in production of seborrhea, acne vulgaris and premature alopeci in the absence of adequate gonadal hormone substance.

Stereotypes of Scalp and Facial Hair as Measured by the Semantic Differential

36 male and 44 female college students were presented with a series of 15 stimuli which were designed to represent the variables of hair color, hair length, quantity of scalp hair, hair quality and

Hair loss and electability: The bald truth

This study probes one particular component of the well documented linkage between personal appearance and impression formation by investigating the extent to which and the mechanisms through which