Social Media for Higher Education: A Cross Sectional Study among Teachers in India and Sri Lanka

  title={Social Media for Higher Education: A Cross Sectional Study among Teachers in India and Sri Lanka},
  author={A. Chamaru De Alwis and Simmy Toc Kurian and M. K. Dinithi Padmasiri and Hareesh N. Ramanathan and Pearly Saira Chacko},
  journal={Humanities and social sciences},
The literature bound the usage of social media by professionals and the present study posits to investigate teachers in higher education who are sophisticated users of social media today. Currently, the usages of social media by faculty personal is increasing, although their usage of social media for teaching is lacked. It is not apparent that who use social media in the classroom yet. Thereby, in line with the UTAUT-Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Model, the purpose of the… 
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