Social Media Measurement

  title={Social Media Measurement},
  author={Chris Murdough},
  journal={Journal of Interactive Advertising},
  pages={94 - 99}
  • Chris Murdough
  • Published 1 September 2009
  • Business
  • Journal of Interactive Advertising
Social media measurement is quite immature, just as Web analytics was back in the mid-1990s. It will evolve quickly as marketers attempt different approaches and hold enterprise measurement firms accountable to help make sense of all the activity data generated by social media interactions. In turn, social media can seem very challenging, and at times even impossible, to measure with regard to its effects. At its core, digital measurement is contingent on controlling the customer experience and… 
Return on Investment For Social Media: A Proposed Framework For Understanding, Implementing, And Measuring The Return
Web 2.0 has enabled a whole new way for companies, user communities and others to engage each other. Social Media (SM) platforms (i.e. blogs, micro-blogs, social networks, video/photo upload sites),
Evaluating Social Media: Towards a Practical Model for Measuring Social Media Influence
The results indicate that social media's influence can be measured in a structured, quantifiable manner by utilising a set of nine criteria grouped into three dimensions: recognition, activity generation, and credibility.
ROI in social media: A look at the arguments
Return on Investment (ROI) has become the Holy Grail of social media. Marketers are being squeezed between admonishments to participate in the vast new online communications available to them and
Evaluation framework for social media brand presence
This work proposes an evaluation framework that allows companies to perform social media analytics through continuous monitoring of the content and activities on their social media marketing channels, and to measure the effectiveness of social media utilization for marketing purposes.
An Investigation into the Use of Social Media Marketing and Measuring its Effectiveness in the Events Industry
Investigation of how events companies are exploiting social media as a new communication means shows the importance of social media in events companies and the lack of professional measurements.
Over the last several years, social media has arrived as an important part of many organizations’ and companies’ communication strategies. Just two years ago, over $2 billion was spent on social
The Return on Investment of Professional Social Networks
This paper develops a new set of metrics to evaluate both financial and non-financial ROI of social media and proposes a new model for calculating the ROI, which can be easily adopted by marketers to assess the social media ROI both in monetary andNon-monetary terms.
Strategy of social media in the media companies
This paper presents models of implementation of the social media by the Romanian media companies as a strategic objective for their journalistic products and focuses on the manner and solutions chosen by the media companies for the implementation ofThe social media and the user generated content with the purpose to draw an online audience.
Providing Focus via a Social Media Exploitation Strategy
This paper presents a possible solution in the form of strategies that will help focus effort and position analysts to build expertise in the realm of social media.
Research Note: News Magazines’ Social Media Communication and Their Effect on User Engagement
The aim of this study is to investigate how news magazine brands use social media communication. It will be further examined how social media activities affect user engagement. A closer look is taken