Social Marketing: Its Definition and Domain

  title={Social Marketing: Its Definition and Domain},
  author={Alan R. Andreasen},
  journal={Journal of Public Policy \& Marketing},
  pages={108 - 114}
  • A. Andreasen
  • Published 1 March 1994
  • Business
  • Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
The author argues that social marketing has been defined improperly in much of the literature. A revised definition is proposed and the domain of social marketing defined. He concludes with suggestions for implications for future growth of the discipline. 


the author argues that social marketing has been defined improperly in much of the literature. A revised definition is proposed and the domain of social marketing defined. An example of a social

The internationalisation of social marketing research

Purpose – This paper aims to investigate the internationalisation of social marketing research. Since the social marketing concept was introduced, it has captured increased research attention of sc

Theoretical Background: Introduction to Social Marketing

Currently the importance of social marketing is unquestionable. Social marketing, also called marketing of social causes, has become a key tool for all types of organizations (public and nonprofit

Relational Paradigms in Social Marketing

It is fifty years since Wiebe suggested that generic marketing principles could tackle health and welfare problems and thirty since Kotler christened this “social marketing.” The future of social

The Role of Marketing Actions with a Social Dimension: Appeals to the Institutional Environment

The interaction between marketing actions with a social dimension and marketing actions with an economic orientation is at the heart of this study. The authors introduce institutional theory as the

The Big Picture in Social Marketing

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    Springer Texts in Business and Economics
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This chapter defines social marketing and places social marketing within the broader environmental context. Social marketing is positioned in comparison with education and law. The difference between

Critical social marketing: definition, application and domain

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the nature and role of the critical dimension social marketing and its place within marketing scholarly thought. It is posited that such activity can

Marketing Social Marketing in the Social Change Marketplace

Social marketing faces significant barriers to growth because there is no clear understanding of what the field is and what its role should be in relation to other approaches to social change.

Extending the Vision of Social Marketing through Social Capital Theory

Broadening the conceptual boundaries of marketing in the late 1960s led to a significant paradigm shift. Social marketing emerged under the auspices of this extended concept. It is not surprising,

Marketing or Social Marketing: Is There an Identity Crisis?

The challenge is to understand what marketing is: is it a business activity or is it ultimately all about managing the social order and influencing the behavioural changes in the societies. The



Marketing: Management Technology or Social Process?

Is marketing facing an identity crisis? The author examines the implications of conflicting views on marketing education, research, and the crucial issue of social responsibility of marketing. It is

Problems and Challenges in Social Marketing

A review of problems can arise in attempting to use conventional, textbook approaches in social marketing programs and draws on the experiences of the authors for supporting arguments and examples.

Social marketing: an approach to planned social change.

Can marketing concepts and techniques be effectively applied to the promotion of social objectives such as brotherhood, safe driving, and family planning? The applicability of marketing concepts to

Social Marketing: An Approach to Planned Social Change

A marketing planning approach is not a guarantee for the achievement of social objectives; yet, it represents a bridging mechanism linking the knowledge of the behavioral scientist with the socially useful implementation of that knowledge.

Social Marketing: Confusion Compounded

support for marketing among service firms is consistent with the conclusion that they are less marketing oriented than product companies. It appears that many service companies could profit from

Social Marketing

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  • Business
    AAOHN journal : official journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
  • 1995
"Marketing mix" is a social marketing strategy that intertwines elements of product, price, place, and promotion to satisfy needs and wants of consumers.

The Identity Crisis in Marketing

IN "Conceptual Conflicts in Marketing," William G. Nickels reported that of 74 marketing professors surveyed, 95% felt that the scope of marketing should be broadened to include nonbusiness

Is Marketing Defaulting Its Responsibilities?

Can marketing fulfill the broad opportunities available to it and the demands made upon it, while concentrating on a limited scope of its domain? As a discipline, it has been repeatedly redefined

The marketing of social causes: the first 10 years.

As advances in conceptualizing social marketing problems and evaluating the impacts of social marketing programs make them more effective, social marketing specialists should be expected to work on a wider range of social causes with increasing sophistication.

Broadening the concept of marketing.

Marketing in business is the task of finding and stimulating buyers for a firms's output, while progressive firms also develop new products and chart the trends and changes in people's needs and desires.