Social-Justice Activism in the Academic Industrial Complex

  title={Social-Justice Activism in the Academic Industrial Complex},
  author={Andrea Smith},
  journal={Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion},
  pages={140 - 145}
  • Andrea Smith
  • Published 5 November 2007
  • Art
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion
music job. The same conundrum applies to music too. How do I maintain a sense of loyalty, but also take care of my own life without burning bridges? I often feel forced to choose: What am I first, a musician or a religion scholar? Even if I answer religion scholar, which is my inclination, does the academy have the imagination to allow that I can do it full-time and still give myself in some way to the arts? Am I guilty of wanting to have my cake and eat it too? Am I perceived as being a jack… 

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