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Social Interest a Challenge to Mankind

  title={Social Interest a Challenge to Mankind},
  author={Alfred Charles Adler},
  • A. Adler
  • Published 1964
  • Environmental Science
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Social interest: Relating Adlerian psychology to Christian theology
Adlerian psychology begins with several assumptions congenial to the Judeo-Christian view of man-in-community. It views people holistically as responsibly pursuing goals in a social context. The
Rogers' "Formative Tendency," Smuts, and Adler: a Humanistic Consensus
There is a formative directional tendency in the universe, which can be traced and observed in stellar space, in crystals, in micro-organisms, in organic life, in human beings. This is an
How Scottish was R. D. Laing?
R. D. Laing was indebted, although not exclusively or uncritically, to his early Scottish intellectual context. He engaged, for instance, throughout his life with the ideas of the Scottish
The idea of God in Alfred Adler ’ s conception
By the integrative value-like approach to the idea of God and to the function of religion, A. Adler’s individual psychology provides religious studies with considerable axiological and praxiological
Vamipric Attitude of Women in Sons and Lovers by D. H. Lawrence
: Venomous  and  vampiric  attitude  of  women  in D. H. Lawrence ‘s novel  Sons  and  Lovers  is  discussed  with  description  of  the  circumstances  that  leads  towards  such  wrong  behavior. 
Revitalizing Alfred Adler: An Echo for Equality
Alfred Adler serves as a much-needed example of a professional who successfully and simultaneously advanced both the micro and macro world of mental health and deserves to be explicitly included in social work curricula.
  • Philosophy
Scripture and religious tradition identify three virtues ordered to the spiritual. These virtues are faith, hope and charity; they may be understood as an attitude of will that makes their possessor
Friendship: the Adlerian mode of existence.
To some, namely those well acquainted with Adler, the title of this article goes without saying; to others it may represent a provocative thesis which is not understood. More than likely, readers
Fear of engulfment and the problem of identity
The author gives an overview of hero-myths and legends with engulfment motifs and presents a critical appraisal of Carl G. Jung's interpretation of its symbolism and relationship to “heroism” (that is, mental health).
The power and powerlessness of academe: Toward a general theory of human behavior
This article attempts to examine the raw face of academic politics as the personnel in the academy confront and manipulate the petty power there. These descriptions are woven into a fabric of a