Social Influence Modulates the Neural Computation of Value

  title={Social Influence Modulates the Neural Computation of Value},
  author={J. Zaki and J. Schirmer and J. Mitchell},
  journal={Psychological Science},
  pages={894 - 900}
  • J. Zaki, J. Schirmer, J. Mitchell
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychological Science
  • Social influence—individuals’ tendency to conform to the beliefs and attitudes of others—has interested psychologists for decades. However, it has traditionally been difficult to distinguish true modification of attitudes from mere public compliance with social norms; this study addressed this challenge using functional neuroimaging. Participants rated the attractiveness of faces and subsequently learned how their peers ostensibly rated each face. Participants were then scanned using functional… CONTINUE READING
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