Social Entrepreneurship: A Critique and Future Directions

  title={Social Entrepreneurship: A Critique and Future Directions},
  author={M. Tina Dacin and Peter A. Dacin and Paul Tracey},
  journal={Organ. Sci.},
Work on social entrepreneurship constitutes a field of study that intersects a number of domains, including entrepreneurial studies, social innovation, and nonprofit management. Scholars are beginning to contribute to the development of this new discipline through efforts that attempt to trace the emergence of social entrepreneurship as well as by comparing it to other organizational activities such as conventional entrepreneurship. However, as a nascent field, social entrepreneurship scholars… 

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Social entrepreneurship has been subject to so many studies examining a field of study that covers a number of domains, including entrepreneurial studies, social innovation, and non-profit management

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Context of Social Entrepreneurship and Background

  • N. Iyigün
  • Business
    Creating Business Value and Competitive Advantage With Social Entrepreneurship
  • 2019
Social entrepreneurship has been the subject of considerable interest in the literature. It has become a global phenomenon by addressing the basic needs of humans, which are neglected, and enriching

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"Social Entrepreneurship" is a term that has come to be applied to the activities of grass-roots activists, NGOs, policy makers, international institutions, and corporations, amongst others, which