Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)

  title={Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM)},
  author={R. Alt and O. Reinhold},
  journal={Business \& Information Systems Engineering},
  • R. Alt, O. Reinhold
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science
  • Business & Information Systems Engineering
The interaction between Internet users is at the heart of the Social Web, which has seen a rapid growth in recent years. [...] Key Result From a CRM perspective, this represents a shift from the traditional indirect customer contact through sales representatives, customer advisors, and call center agents towards a direct customer contact with consumers. Remarkably, more credibility is attributed to the postings and opinions of other users than to corporate communication: in a survey among 4,230 German Internet…Expand
Customer Relationship Management in the Era of Social Web and Social Customer: An Investigation of Customer Engagement in the Greek Retail Banking Sector
Abstract The transition from a product-centric to a customer-centric business culture has been the subject of debate and research for more than a decade and in recent years many inquiries have beenExpand
Technology Use of Social Media within Customer Relationship Management: An Organizational Perspective
This paper develops and evaluates formative indicators and corresponding constructs of Social CRM technology use, following the procedure of Moore and Benbasat (1991), and shows that four constructs measure the use of SocialCRM technologies, which constitutes the formative measurement model. Expand
Capturing customer context from social media: mapping social media API and CRM profile data
First ideas on how data from social media, which are available through API, may be matched with customer profiles via a customer context model are described. Expand
Social CRM: Evolution and Building Blocks
Social CRM means applying social media technologies in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). This introductory chapter shows how the social web has emerged as a third majorExpand
Investigating critical factors of social CRM adoption using technology, organization, and environment (TOE) framework and analytical hierarchy process (AHP)
This study aims to investigate critical factors of Social CRM adoption using TOE (technology, organization, and environment) framework and AHP technique, and shows critical factor ofCRM adoption for Company 1 come from external factors; they are prioritizing customer, trustworthy information, and customer characteristics. Expand
Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM): A Strategy for Customer Engagement
The organizations reach to their objectives by adopting an effective customer management strategy. Today, organizations have become aware that to reach their objectives its must focus on customerExpand
Social Media Analytics Using Business Intelligence and Social Media Tools - Differences and Implications
This work in progress paper presents an experiment, which examined two Social Media applications as well as two Business Intelligence applications for the analysis of tweets, to identify differences of these tool categories with regard to the analytics process itself aswell as the obtained results. Expand
A Community-based Approach for Improving the Profile Information Quality in Social Networks
The initial results show that the activity and information communities of the user do not always overlap and that the approach effectively addresses information quality problems in real-world social networks. Expand
Social Media Analytics in Social CRM - Towards a Research Agenda
This research investigates and categorizes currently available analytics methods by outlining literature and analyzing practical applications, and draws a line between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics in the field of Social Media Analytics. Expand
Social CRM: Challenges and Perspectives
Social media have a variety of use cases in CRM and Social CRM solutions vary considerably in scope and complexity. This chapter discusses four critical aspects for the implementation of Social CRM.Expand


Community relationship management and social media
Despite the growth in social media, managers are still unclear as to how it can be used to benefit their organisations. Part of the problem stems from confusing customers with online communityExpand
Social Customer Relationship Management: State of the Art and Learnings from Current Projects
The findings show that firms may use Social Media in several forms to enhance their CRM processes, but also that Social Media-specific processes arise that require dedicated functionalities in the field of Social Media monitoring, management and interaction. Expand
Why Users Participate in Online Social Networks
Almost two-thirds of marketers and agency managers believe that strong customer relationships can be established through the strategic use of Internet technology. To take advantage of this, it isExpand
Social CRM as a business strategy
Marketers are working in challenging times. Never before have we been able to get so close to our customers and engage with them in such a timely and relevant manner. Harnessed with customerExpand
Magic Quadrant for Social CRM
To be successful with social CRM, organizations need to be much less focused on how an organization can manage the customer, and much more focused on how the customer can manage the relationship.Expand
Produkte zum IT-gestützten Social Networking in Unternehmen
The authors place Social Networking Services in the context of Web 2.0 and Social Software and address necessary future developments in the field of Social networking Services. Expand
Customer relationship management and Web mining: the next frontier
  • A. Tuzhilin
  • Computer Science
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • 2012
Some of the key aspects of CRM are reviewed, certain problems and promising research directions in the field are described, and how Web mining can contribute to solving these problems are discussed. Expand
Internet Social Networking
Three contexts of application are differentiated: Social network sites (SNSs) for 1) recruiting and professional career development, 2) relationship facilitation in distributed work contexts, and 3) interactions with end customers. Expand
CRM — Grundlagen, Ziele und Konzepte
In den letzten Jahren hat sich der Ansatz des Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in der Praxis fest etabliert. Im CRM-Konzept werden dabei zahlreiche vorhandene Gedanken und Ideen unter derExpand
When Unhappy Customers Strike Back on the Internet
Companies need to understand and manage the rising threat of online public complaining. There is ample incentive, because the best ways to respond, and to prevent complaints from recurring, apply notExpand