Social Constructions of Masculinity and Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: an Analytical Review

  title={Social Constructions of Masculinity and Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: an Analytical Review},
  author={Monica Adhiambo Onyango and Karen M Hampanda},
  journal={International Journal of Sexual Health},
  pages={237 - 247}
ABSTRACT Male sexual violence has been reported in 25 armed conflicts in recent years. However, communities and organizations are not equipped to deal with male survivors of sexual violence because it undermines the ideals of social constructions of masculinity. Compared with females, male survivors lack access to reproductive health programs and are generally ignored in gender-based violence discourse. Yet, male survivors are known to suffer from numerous physical injuries and psychosocial… 
Male Directed Sexual Violence in Conflict: A Challenge for Gender Studies
In recent years, extensive empirical data has indicated that acts of severe sexual assault are being perpetrated against large numbers of men in many areas of conflict around the world. In spite of
Masculinity and Sexual Violence: Assessing the State of the Field
Despite strong evidence that men perpetrate most acts of sexual violence, little is known about the factors that lead some men to commit such harmful acts. A growing body of feminist scholarship has
Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: Perspectives from Northern Uganda
Although wartime sexual violence against men occurs more frequently than is commonly assumed, its dynamics are remarkably underexplored, and male survivors’ experiences remain particularly
A man never cries: barriers to holistic care for male survivors of sexual violence in eastern DRC
ABSTRACT While we know that most male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) do not have access to care, little attention has been devoted to a
Male and LGBT survivors of sexual violence in conflict situations: a realist review of health interventions in low-and middle-income countries
This paper is the first systematic realist review on medical, mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) interventions that focusses on male and LGBT survivors of CRSV, and explores the gender differences in context, mechanisms and outcomes that underpin interventions addressing the health and Psychosocial wellbeing of male andLGBT survivors.
Perceptions of Evil from Abu Ghraib:Female Prison Guards and Sexual Violence
In 2003, the world was presented with images of sexual torture from Abu Ghraib, a U.S. military prison in Iraq. For many people, part of the shock of the images was the fact that several of the
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Analyses of gender-based violence during mass conflict have typically focused on violence committed against women. Violence perpetrated against men has only recently been examined as gender-based
The importance of understanding sexual violence in conflict for investigation and prosecution purposes
In many conflicts around the world, sexual violence has been committed against women, men, and children alike. Yet, despite the high occurrence of sexual violence in conflict and its enormous
Sex trafficking and sex-for-food/money: terrorism and conflict-related sexual violence against men in the Lake Chad region
ABSTRACT In understanding conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV), the notion of how sexuality and sex are naturally linked to power is gaining traction in IR discourses. There is, however, little
“The savage reduction of the flesh”:1 violence, gender and bodily weaponisation in the 1981 Irish Republican hunger strike protest
This article examines the relationship between performativity, the body and violent identity politics in HMP Maze from 1976 to 1981. In it, I outline a theory of ethnic violence that highlights the


Lost in translation: UN responses to sexual violence against men and boys in situations of armed conflict
  • S. Sivakumaran
  • Political Science
    International Review of the Red Cross
  • 2010
The article assesses the state of knowledge and work in the field of male sexual violence and notes that although there have been many positive developments, the issue is not always moving in the right direction.
Recognizing Gender-Based Violence Against Civilian Men and Boys in Conflict Situations
While gender-based violence has recently emerged as a salient topic in the human security community, it has been framed principally with respect to violence against women and girls, particularly
Rethinking gender-based violence during war: is violence against civilian men a problem worth addressing?
  • N. Linos
  • Political Science
    Social science & medicine
  • 2009
Sexual violence against men and boys.
It is well known that armed conflict and sexual violence against women and girls often go hand in hand. What is less widely recognised is that armed conflict and its aftermath also bring sexual
The Prevalence of Sexual Violence in Prison
The purpose of this study is to critically take stock of what is and what is not currently known about the prevalence of prison sexual violence, and highlights the direction that future research should take so that evidence-based policies concerning prisonSexual violence may be developed.
Variation in Sexual Violence during War
Sexual violence during war varies in extent and takes distinct forms. In some conflicts, sexual violence is widespread, yet in other conflicts—including some cases of ethnic conflict—it is quite
Male Sexual Victimization
This study examines men’s sexual victimization experiences in the United States using a nationally representative sample of victim narratives from the National Crime Victimization Survey. An analysis
Unrecognized Victims: Sexual Violence Against Men in Conflict Settings Under International Law
This article casts light on the international law aspects of a largely unrecognized occurrence in armed conflict: sexual violence against men. The article discusses causes and consequences of such
The Sexual Abuse of Boys in Organized Male Sports
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is now a significant issue for organized sports. Since its “discovery” thirty years ago, research on CSA has been guided mostly by the “maleperpetrator—female victim”