Social Cognitive Evolution in Captive Foxes Is a Correlated By-Product of Experimental Domestication

  title={Social Cognitive Evolution in Captive Foxes Is a Correlated By-Product of Experimental Domestication},
  author={B. Hare and I. Plyusnina and N. Ignacio and Olesya Schepina and A. Stepika and R. Wrangham and L. Trut},
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  • B. Hare, I. Plyusnina, +4 authors L. Trut
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • Dogs have an unusual ability for reading human communicative gestures (e.g., pointing) in comparison to either nonhuman primates (including chimpanzees) or wolves . Although this unusual communicative ability seems to have evolved during domestication , it is unclear whether this evolution occurred as a result of direct selection for this ability, as previously hypothesized , or as a correlated by-product of selection against fear and aggression toward humans--as is the case with a number of… CONTINUE READING
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