Social Behavior in Amblypygids , and a Reassessment of Arachnid Social Patterns

  title={Social Behavior in Amblypygids , and a Reassessment of Arachnid Social Patterns},
  author={Linda S. Rayor and Lisa Anne Taylor},
Aggregation, extended mother-offspring-sibling interactions, and complex social behaviors are extremely rare among arachnids. We report and quantify for the first time in Amblypygi prolonged mother-offspring-sibling associations, active aggregation, and frequent ‘‘amicable’’ (tolerant, nonaggressive) tactile interactions in two species: Phrynus marginemaculatus C.L. Koch 1840 (Phrynidae) and Damon diadema (Simon, 1876) (Phrynichidae). Sociality is characterized by frequent contact and tolerance… CONTINUE READING


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