SocIoTal — The development and architecture of a social IoT framework

  title={SocIoTal — The development and architecture of a social IoT framework},
  author={Jorge Bernal Bernab{\'e} and Ignacio Elicegui and Etienne Gandrille and Nenad Gligoric and Alexander Gluhak and Christine Hennebert and Jos{\'e} Luis Hern{\'a}ndez Ramos and Carmen L{\'o}pez and Andrea Manchinu and Klaus Moessner and Michele Nati and Colin O'Reilly and Nick Palaghias and Antonio Pintus and Luis S{\'a}nchez and Alberto Serra and Rob Van Kranenburg},
  journal={2017 Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS)},
This paper presents the development and architecture of the SocIoTal platform. SocIoTal is a European FP7 project which aims to create a socially-aware citizen-centric Internet of Things infrastructure. The aim of the project is to put trust, user-control and transparency at the heart of the system in order to gain the confidence of everyday users and… CONTINUE READING