Sobre la identidad de dos especies de Lamarck, Spermacoce laevis y S. remota (Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae)

  title={Sobre la identidad de dos especies de Lamarck, Spermacoce laevis y S. remota (Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae)},
  author={N. M. Bacigalupo and E. L. Cabral},
Type material of two species of Spermacoce , S. laevis Lam. and S. remota Lam. was analized. As a result, and taking into account several morphological characters, S. laevis should remain within Spermacoce, while S. remota is transfered to the genus Borreria . The latter species is designed as type of Borreria Series Laeves, since the previous designation of Borreria laevis is in serious conflict with the protologue of the Series (art. 10.5 of the ICBN). 
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International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code)
Infrageneric classification of Borreria ( Rubiaceae - Spermacoceae ) on the basis of American species
  • Opera Bot . Belg .
  • 1999
Linnean species of Spermacoce
  • J . Bot . J . Bot .
  • 1934
( 1806 ) esta especie ha sido coleccionada en Santo Domingo por Joseph Martin . Spermacoce laevis sensu Verdcourt , 1976 , non Lam . Flora of East Tropical Africa