Sobre a pesquisa-ação na educação e asarmadilhas do praticismo

  title={Sobre a pesquisa-aç{\~a}o na educaç{\~a}o e asarmadilhas do praticismo},
  author={Mar{\'i}lia Gouv{\^e}a de Miranda and A. Resende},
  journal={Revista Brasileira de Educaç{\~a}o},
Action research, a type of research frequently employed in education, is approached from the perspective of its contributions and its double risk: practicism and instrumentalization of theory. Starting with a broad discussion on the conditions and possibilities of knowledge in social sciences in the modern world, action research is conceived as a proposal for research and intervention in the social reality. After discussing the trajectory of action research, the article distinguishes two strong… Expand
Pesquisa-ação: oficinas emancipatórias como instrumento de pesquisa em representações cotidianas
This study analyzed the scholar’s everyday representations of “rolezinhos”. The emancipatory action research with teenagers between 15 and 17 years was adopted. At the end of it differences betweenExpand
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EnglishThis article is a theoretical essay that provides thoughts on action research and its application in the field of educational research, with special attention to that produced in ScienceExpand
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Sequências Didáticas como instrumento potencial da formação docente reflexiva
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Política e formação continuada de professores para a pesquisa na e com a escola do campo
This article analyzes “education in research” in the context of the Education Observatory Program (OBEDUC in the Portuguese acronym) linked to the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher EducationExpand
Pesquisa-Ação em mestrados profissionais: análise de pesquisas de um programa de pós-graduação em ensino de ciências e de matemática
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Novos Cenários de Aprendizagem, Inovação e Sustentabilidade: Uma Pesquisa-Ação na Graduação em Ciências e Tecnologia
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It is argued that the movement of ongoing formation, when conducted in a network, leads to improvements in teaching practice and in the qualification of procedures for educational inclusion. Expand
Processo de desligamento entre pesquisadores e participantes na pesquisa-ação
The aim is to discuss theoretically the issue of the disconnection process in the context of action research. A theoretical study about it was conducted in the works of Rene Barbier, MichelExpand
Educación física escolar: la presencia de la investigación-acción
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Notas para o debate sobre pesquisa - ação
  • ( Orgs . ) . Caminhando e abrindo caminhos : trajetória da rede municipal de educação
  • 2004