Sobolev norm estimates for a class of bilinear multipliers

  title={Sobolev norm estimates for a class of bilinear multipliers},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Bernicot and Vjekoslav Kovavc},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Analysis and ODEs},
We consider bilinear multipliers that appeared as a distinguished particular case in the classification of two-dimensional bilinear Hilbert transforms by Demeter and Thiele [9]. In this note we investigate their boundedness on Sobolev spaces. Furthermore, we study structurally similar operators with symbols that also depend on the spatial variables. The new results build on the existing L^p estimates for a paraproduct-like operator previously studied by the authors in [5] and [10]. Our primary… 

Multilinear Spectral Multipliers on Lie Groups of Polynomial Growth

In this paper, on Lie groups of polynomial growth, we make an estimation of the kernel function of multilinear spectral multipliers. Then as an application of this estimation, we prove the $$L^{p}$$

$$H^p$$Hp Boundedness of Multilinear Spectral Multipliers on Stratified Groups

As far as we know, there is no study about $$H^p$$Hp boundedness of multilinear spectral multipliers on nilpotent Lie groups. In this paper, on stratified groups G, we prove a Hörmander type

Multilinear and Multiparameter Spectral Multipliers on Homogeneous Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces on Lie Groups of Polynomial Growth

In this paper, we study the boundedness of multilinear and multiparameter spectral multipliers on a product space of Lie groups of polynomial growth $$G=G_1\times \cdots \times G_M$$ G = G 1 × ⋯ × G

Real Analysis , Harmonic Analysis and Applications 1863 Workshop : Real Analysis , Harmonic Analysis and Applications Table of Contents

The workshop has focused on important developments within the last few years in the point of view and methods of real and harmonic Analysis as well as significant concurrent progress in the


This dissertation studies a heat conduction problem in a pipe filled with incompressible viscous fluid whose length varies depending on the fluid temperature. We assume that the longitudinal

Tehnika Bellmanovih funkcija za multilinearne martingalne ocjene

U ovom radu razvija se varijanta tehnike Bellmanovih funkcija potrebna za dokaz određenih \(L^p\) ocjena u kontekstu dva ili tri razlicita martingal

Multilinear singular integrals with entangled structure

whereK is a Calderón-Zygmund kernel, while A and B are 2×2 real matrices. The same authors observed that L estimates for (1) imply boundedness of the Carleson operator in a certain range of



Sobolev space estimates and symbolic calculus for bilinear pseudodifferential operators

Bilinear operators are investigated in the context of Sobolev spaces and various techniques useful in the study of their boundedness properties are developed. In particular, several classes of

A Bilinear Pseudodifferential Calculus

In this paper we construct a new class of bilinear pseudodifferential operators which contains both the Coifman-Meyer class as well as the non-translation invariant class closely related both to the

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Abstract A symbolic calculus for the transposes of a class of bilinear pseudodifferential operators is developed. The calculus is used to obtain boundedness results on products of Lebesgue spaces. A

On the two-dimensional bilinear Hilbert transform

<abstract abstract-type="TeX"><p>We investigate the Bilinear Hilbert Transform in the plane and the pointwise convergence of bilinear averages in Ergodic theory, arising from ${\bf Z}^2$ actions. Our

Multi-linear operators given by singular multipliers

We prove L^p estimates for a large class of multi-linear operators, which includes the multi-linear paraproducts studied by Coifman and Meyer, as well as the bilinear Hilbert transform.

On ψ- interpolation spaces

In this paper the sequence Banach space ψ (Z) is defined for a class of convex functions ψ , and properties of the Kand Jinterpolation spaces (E0,E1)θ ,ψ,K and (E0,E1)θ ,ψ,J for a Banach couple E =

Fiber-wise Calder\'on-Zygmund decomposition and application to a bi-dimensional paraproduct

We are interested in a new kind of bi-dimensional bilinear paraproducts (appearing in [6]), which do not fit into the setting of bilinear Calder\'on-Zygmund operators. In this paper we propose a

Boundedness of the twisted paraproduct

We prove L estimates for a two-dimensional bilinear operator of paraproduct type. This result answers a question posed by Demeter and Thiele.

On Calderon s conjecture

with constants Cfi;p1;p2 depending only on fi;p1;p2 and p := p1p2 p1+p2 hold. The flrst result of this type is proved in [4], and the purpose of the current paper is to extend the range of exponents

Commutateurs d'intégrales singulières et opérateurs multilinéaires

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