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Sobel Edge Detection Algorithm

  title={Sobel Edge Detection Algorithm},
  author={Samta Gupta and Susmita Ghosh Mazumdar and M. tech Student},
Edge detection is in the forefront of image processing for object detection, it is crucial to have a good understanding of edge detection algorithms. Sobel which is a popular edge detection algorithm is considered in this work. There exists a function, edge.m which is in the image toolbox. In the edge function, the Sobel method uses the derivative approximation to find edges. Therefore, it returns edges at those points where the gradient of the considered image is maximum. The Sobel operator… 

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Custom Extended Sobel Filters (extended abstract)

Inspired by new convolution techniques in machine learning, the idea of extending the standard Sobel kernels, which are used to compute the gradient of an image in order to determine its edges is discussed.

An Efficient Edge Detection Approach to Provide Better Edge Connectivity for Image Analysis

A robust edge detection algorithm using multiple threshold approaches (B-Edge) is proposed to cover both the limitations encountered in edge detection: edge connectivity and edge thickness.

Dilated filters for edge detection algorithms

This work investigated the research hypothesis that use dilated filters, rather than the extended or classical ones, and obtained better edge map results and confirmed the statement that the dilation of filters have a positive impact for edge-detection algorithms from simple to rather complex algorithms.

An Algorithmic Approach Based on CMS Edge Detection Technique for the Processing of Digital Images

This method focuses on the combination of Canny, mathematical morphological, and Sobel (CMS) edge detection operators that works better as compared to other existing methods in detecting the edges of images.

Edge detection using ant colony optimization with novel probabilistic measures 1

Based on tests performed on images, ACO is robust and competitive and proposed method is found to be effective, and it is independent of intensity mapping function.

A Heterogeneous Implementation of the Sobel Edge Detection Filter Using OpenCL

This work implements the Sobel filter, one of the most effective and popular edge detection algorithms in image processing, in the OpenCL programming language, and is the first to propose a convolution kernel implementation using OpenCL.

Edge Detection Approaches in the Taxonomy of Soft Computing-A Survey

This paper contains a survey of techniques used in edge detection and makes a comparison between different edge detectors using neural network, fuzzy logic and neuro fuzzy system.

An Edge Detection Approach for Fractal Image Processing

This method focuses on the quantitative combination of Canny, LoG, and Sobel (CLS) edge detection operators to detect the edges of gray scale and color fractal images.

Custom Dilated Edge Detection Filters

This work discusses the idea of dilating the standard filters which are used to compute the gradient of an image and presents the impact of dilatation on a complex edge detection algorithm, like Canny.

An Overview of Popular Digital Image Processing Filtering Operations

A brief overview of some popular image filtering operations is given, focusing on edge detection filters, smoothing filters and the advantages of greyscale over colour images.



A Descriptive Algorithm for Sobel Image Edge Detection

The Sobel operator performs a 2-D spatial gradient measurement on images to enhance the removal of redundant data, as a result, reduction of the amount of data is required to represent a digital image.

Study and Comparison of Various Image Edge Detection Techniques

It has been observed that Canny's edge detection algorithm is computationally more expensive compared to LoG( Laplacian of Gaussian), Sobel, Prewitt and Robert’s operator, but performs better than all these operators under almost all scenarios.

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Sobel and Scharr gradient 5x5 convolution matrices Guennadi (Henry) Levkine Email: hlevkin at yahoo

  • Sobel and Scharr gradient 5x5 convolution matrices Guennadi (Henry) Levkine Email: hlevkin at yahoo