So many interests, still one goal?


In the Wadden Sea nature rules. But there is more than nature. Various other activities — economical activities — take place and are allowed up to certain limits. In the Dutch policy reports the “precaution principle” regulates, definitively not encourages, but also doesn’t prohibit economical activities. The Dutch policy towards economical activities can be characterised at the moment by: “no, unless...”. The trilateral agreements on the Wadden Sea also reflect this way of thinking: there is a set of criteria that only reflects the natural interests, the ecotargets. None for economical developments. And, the pressure on die Wadden Sea will increase by growth of the population alone. Wouldn’t it be better — given the bad economical statistics for the region and the growing pressure — to change the policy towards “yes, provided...”? And encourage those activities that fit into the main objective: nature? But then, what set of criteria do we need that corresponds with all different interests and still guarantees the persistence of the Wadden Sea as a wetland of the highest ecological importance?

DOI: 10.1007/BF03043958

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