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Snowmass 2021 White Paper on Upgrading SuperKEKB with a Polarized Electron Beam: Discovery Potential and Proposed Implementation

  title={Snowmass 2021 White Paper on Upgrading SuperKEKB with a Polarized Electron Beam: Discovery Potential and Proposed Implementation},
  author={A. Accardi and David Asner and H. Atmacan and Richard Baartman and Sw. Banerjee and Anne K. Beaubien and J. V. Bennett and Michel Bertemes and Martin Florian Bessner and Debabrata Biswas and G. Bonvicini and N. Brenny and Roy Anthony Briere and T. E. Browder and C. Chen and Seema Choudhury and David Anthony Cinabro and Jennifer R. Cochran and L. Cremaldi and Wouter Deconinck and A. Di Canto and S. Dubey and K. T. Flood and B. G. Fulsom and Vinod K. Gaur and M. T. W. Gericke and R. Godang and Tengfei Gu and Y. Guan and J. Guilliams and C. Hadjivasiliou and Oskar Hartbrich and Christopher Hearty and Martin Hoferichter and W. W. Jacobs and D E Jaffe and Tobias Junginger and S. Kang and L. Kapit'anov'a and Christopher K. Ketter and Akshay Khatri and K. Kinoshita and Sayeh Kohani and I. A. Koop and H. B. Korandla and I. Koseoglu Sari and Robert Kroeger and Jason Kumar and K. J. Kumara and Masao Kuriki and T. Lam and P. J. Laycock and F. R. Le Diberder and L Z Li and Z. Liptak and D. Liventsev and Juliette Mammei and Alke Martens and Frank Meier and C. Miller and Sushmita Mitra and K. Moorthy and A. Natochii and N. Nellikunnummel and Kurtis Alan Nishimura and A. V. Otboev and E. R. Oxford and Antoni Pańta and Karol Parham and Beverley Joan Parker and Todd Kristofer Pedlar and Yonggang Peng and Richard Peschke and Leo Piilonen and Thomas Planche and S. Pokharel and Soeren Prell and Harsh Purwar and David E. Herrmann and J. M. Roney and Clare Rosenfeld and D. Sahoo and David A. Sanders and Atul Sangal and Vladimir Savinov and S. Schneider and J. Schueler and Alan Jay Schwartz and Yu. M. Shatunov and V. E. Shebalin and A. Sibidanov and A. Signori and Zachary Stottler and Jan Strube and Karim Trabelsi and Shiva Tripathi and Sven E. Vahsen and G. S. Varner and A. Vossen and D X Wang and E. Wang and Ulrich Wienands and L. Wood and J. Yelton and Yuntong Zhai and B. Zhang and D. Zhou and Fabian Zomer},
precision sin 2 independent left-right asymmetry measurements of e + e − transitions to pairs of muons, taus, and b-quarks. 

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