Snapshot of iron response in Shewanella oneidensis by gene network reconstruction

  title={Snapshot of iron response in Shewanella oneidensis by gene network reconstruction},
  author={Yunfeng Yang and Daniel Harris and Feng Luo and Wenlu Xiong and Marcin P. Joachimiak and Liyou Wu and Paramvir Dehal and Janet Jacobsen and Zamin K. Yang and Anthony V. Palumbo and Adam Paul Arkin and Jizhong Zhou},
  journal={BMC Genomics},
  pages={131 - 131}
Iron homeostasis of Shewanella oneidensis, a γ-proteobacterium possessing high iron content, is regulated by a global transcription factor Fur. However, knowledge is incomplete about other biological pathways that respond to changes in iron concentration, as well as details of the responses. In this work, we integrate physiological, transcriptomics and genetic approaches to delineate the iron response of S. oneidensis. We show that the iron response in S. oneidensis is a rapid process. Temporal… CONTINUE READING
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