Snake-Swallowing in an Insane


j. B. P., a European male, aged 42, transferred to this Asylum from Agra on the 11th October, 1918. His physical health is excellent. Wassermann reaction?Absolutely negative. Diagnosis?Dementia prsecox. . On the morning of the 31st July, 1920, immediately after he had passed stools in a commode in the ward, about 8 inches of a snake was found in his stools but minus its head.Every care was taken during investigation that no deception was practised either by the patient himself or anybody else. Either the head was removed before it was swallowed or passed in a previous stool. The snake was identified by Mr. S. W. Kemp of the Indian Museum as a Tropidonotus stolatus (Linn.)?a non-poisonous fresh-water snake.

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