Sn4(OH)6Cl2 and SnO corrosion products of amalgams.

  title={Sn4(OH)6Cl2 and SnO corrosion products of amalgams.},
  author={Sally Jean Marshall and Grayson William Marshall},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={59 5},
Although the corrosion characteristics of dental amalgam have been of considerable interest to dental researchers, it has been difficult to identify the products which form in vivo. This report demonstrates that Sn4(OH)6Cl2 and SnO are formed in vivo and in vitro. The Sn-Cl product is the predominant phase formed by corrosion-induced changes of the Sn8Hg phase of amalgam. It is present in conventional and, in smaller amounts, Cu-rich amalgam restorations.