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Smx -script Mib Extensibility Protocol Version 1.0

  title={Smx -script Mib Extensibility Protocol Version 1.0},
  author={J. Quittek and A. Kind and J. Nicklisch},
The IETF Script MIB deenes a standard MIB interface for the delegation of management functions based on the Internet management framework. A management script is a set of instructions that are executed by a language speciic runtime system. The Script MIB Ex-tensibility protocol SMX deened in this memo allows to separate language speciic runtime systems from an language independent MIB implementation. 
Secure management by delegation within the Internet management framework
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Remote Service Deployment on Programmable Switches with the IETF SNMP Script MIB
Applying and Evaluating Active Technologies in Distributed Management


The SafeTcl Security Model
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