Smooth transition from grid to standalone solar diesel mode hybrid generation system with a battery

  title={Smooth transition from grid to standalone solar diesel mode hybrid generation system with a battery},
  author={Aya M Elsherbiny and A. S. Nada and M. Ahmed},
  journal={International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems},
This paper described a self-supply smart microgrid which may be a low voltage or medium voltage  distribution network. It considered an efficient energy system in which different renewable sources as photo-voltaic array, wind, or conventional as diesel generator, and storage called distributed generators  which organized to chance the load power demand at any time with reliability. It can operate either  on-grid or off-grid configuration, especially limited areas far from the utility grid… Expand
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Design and Development of Grid-connected Quasi-Z-Source PV Inverter
  • Z. Rasin, Muhammed Fazlur Rahman, M. Azri, Md Hairul Nizam Talib, A. Jidin
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS)
  • 2018
Modelling and performance analysis of the voltage and current controller to achieve a good power transfer from the PV source, as well as sycnchronization with the grid are presented in detail. Expand
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