Smooth Horizonless Geometries Deep Inside the Black-Hole Regime.

  title={Smooth Horizonless Geometries Deep Inside the Black-Hole Regime.},
  author={Iosif Bena and Stefano Giusto and Emil J. Martinec and Rodolfo Russo and Masaki Shigemori and David Turton and Nicholas P. Warner},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 20},
We construct the first family of horizonless supergravity solutions that have the same mass, charges, and angular momenta as general supersymmetric rotating D1-D5-P black holes in five dimensions. This family includes solutions with arbitrarily small angular momenta, deep within the regime of quantum numbers and couplings for which a large classical black hole exists. These geometries are well approximated by the black-hole solution, and in particular exhibit the same near-horizon throat. Deep… 

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