Smooth Control of Adaptive Media Playout for Video Streaming


Client-side data buffering is a common technique to deal with media playout interruptions of streaming video caused by network jitters and packet losses of best-effort networks. However, stronger playout interruption protection inevitably amounts to larger data buffering and results in more memory requirements and longer playout delay. Adaptive media playout (AMP), also a client-side technique, can reduce the buffer requirement and avoid buffer outage but at the expense of visual quality degradation because of the fluctuation of playout speed. In this paper, we propose a novel AMP scheme to keep the video playout as smooth as possible while adapting to the channel condition. The triggering of the playout control is based on buffer variation rather than buffer fullness. Experimental results show that our AMP scheme surpasses conventional schemes in unfriendly network conditions. Unlike previous schemes that are tuned for a specific range of packet loss and network instability, the proposed AMP scheme maintains consistent performance across a wide range of network conditions.

DOI: 10.1109/TMM.2009.2030543

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@article{Su2009SmoothCO, title={Smooth Control of Adaptive Media Playout for Video Streaming}, author={Ya-Fan Su and Yi-Hsuan Yang and Meng-Ting Lu and Hsin-Hsi Chen}, journal={IEEE Trans. Multimedia}, year={2009}, volume={11}, pages={1331-1339} }