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Smoking in Jewish Law Yael Farzan

  title={Smoking in Jewish Law Yael Farzan},
  author={Yael Farzan},
Decades ago, before rabbinic authorities knew of the extreme dangers entailed in smoking, it was believed that smoking was not prohibited according to Jewish law. These early rabbinic authorities base their ruling on two Talmudic principles: that one should not enforce a restrictive decree on a population unless the majority of people can follow it (Baba Kamma 79b), and that it is better for people to commit an inadvertent sin than an intentional one if they will not keep the decree anyway… 



Cigarette smoking and correlates among ultra-orthodox Jewish males.

The Israeli ultra-orthodox Jewish men have very low prevalence of smoking when compared with the general population, and this study contributes to a better understanding of habitual smoking correlates in ultra-religious minorities.

Craving to smoke in orthodox Jewish smokers who abstain on the Sabbath: a comparison to a baseline and a forced abstinence workday

Findings support previous findings in showing that craving to smoke is determined to a large extent by smoking-related habits, cues, and expectations.

Smoking cessation counseling in Orthodox Jewish populations.

The effects of medications on blood glucose metabolism may be underestimated by ICU practitioners, but the climate is ripe for more prospective studies that account for the medications prescribed, the total number of calories ingested, the totals of insulin administered, as well as the blood glucose target achieved.

Passive smoking and heart disease

Rabbis condemn smoking.

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