Smoking and subgingival microflora in periodontal disease.

  title={Smoking and subgingival microflora in periodontal disease.},
  author={Lennart {\AA} S Bostr{\"o}m and Jan Bergstr{\"o}m and Gunnar Dahl{\'e}n and L E Linder},
  journal={Journal of clinical periodontology},
  volume={28 3},
AIM The present investigation was undertaken to analyze the influence of smoking on the periodontal disease associated subgingival microflora. The population included 33 smokers and 31 non-smokers in the age range 36-86 years. METHODS Microbial samples were obtained from 4 sites per patient. The checker-board DNA-DNA hybridization technology was used for detection of the bacterial species P. gingivalis, P. intermedia, P. nigrescens, B. forsythus, A. actinomycetemcomitans, F. nucleatum, T… CONTINUE READING