Smoking Behavior , Knowledge and attitudes among Medical Workers in the National Cancer Institute , Cairo University


The aim of this study was to assess smoking behavior of medical workers in the National Cancer Institute (NCI), their knowledge and attitude towards smoking. This is a cross-sectional survey with anonymous selfadministered questionnaires for physicians and nurses. It included three sections; 1) demographic data, 2) questions about knowledge of smoking hazards, religious and lawful aspects and 3) questions regarding smoking status and attitude towards quitting and prohibiting smoking in work and public places. Participants were 246; 185 responded (75.2%). Smokers constituted 25.4% of the sample. Responding current smokers were 37. The majority of smokers reported previous trials to quit, mainly due to health concern (73.3%). All workers know that smoking is harmful to health, the majority were positive about the hazard of passive smoking as well. Ever-smokers showed a negative attitude towards total prevention of smoking at workplace; however, current smokers react positively to smoking restriction in work and public places, about 2/3 stop immediately when confronted by a stop smoking sign. Twentyseven workers (73%) reported less smoking in response to restriction. A large percent (73%) smoke in presence of nonsmokers, however nearly 92% respond to a colleague's demand to stop smoking. It is concluded that smoking remains a common habit among medical works in the NCI in spite of having a good knowledge about its hazards and direct contact with smoking victims. We should search for the suitable approach for this category of smokers to motivate them to quit other than talking about health hazards. [Manar M. Moneer, Nargis A. Labib and Maissa K. Noaman. Smoking behavior, knowledge and attitudes among medical workers in the national cancer institute, Cairo University. Journal of American Science, 2011;7(6):1059-1064]. (ISSN:1545-0740).

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