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Smjernice za propisivanje antimikrobnih lijekova u primarnoj zdravstvenoj zaštiti

  title={Smjernice za propisivanje antimikrobnih lijekova u primarnoj zdravstvenoj za{\vs}titi},
  author={Maja Abram and Bressan Leonardo and Bukmir Leonardo and Dimini{\'c} Lisica Ines and Boris Luk{\vs}i{\'c} and Aleksandar Ljubotina and Mario Malnar and Goran Pal{\vc}evski and Branislava Popovi{\'c} and Nives Rado{\vs}evi{\'c} Quadranti and Brigita Ti{\'c}ac and Vera Vlahovi{\'c}-Pal{\vc}evski},
Outpatient Antibiotic Consumption for Urinary Infections in Croatia 2005 - 2014: What can be Learned from Utilization Trends
High rates of antimicrobial utilisation require prescribing restrictions and educational interventions, and the increased use of fluoroquinolones is a potentially serious public health threat due to the rapid development of resistance among uropathogens.
Assessment of adherence to printed guidelines for antimicrobial drug use in a university hospital
A continuous overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics is demonstrated and a decrease in unnecessary antibiotic use and an increase in treatments based on susceptibility testing were noted in the periods when the guidelines were in use.