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Smartphone Addiction and Empathy among Nursing Students

  title={Smartphone Addiction and Empathy among Nursing Students},
  author={Hyesun Jeong and Yangsook Lee},
This study was conducted to identify influencing factors on smartphone addiction in nursing students. Results shows that, influencing factors on the nursing students' smartphone addiction were reading quantity, the number of friends, the number of groups involved, academic achievement, average daily hours of smartphone use, and personal distress among the empathy, and the explanatory power of these variables was 17.4%. The findings of this study suggest that in order to guide nursing students… 

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Corresponding author:Min, Hye SookDepartment of Nursing, School of Medicine of Don g-A University, 32 Daesingongwon-ro, Seo- gu, Busan 602-714, Korea. Tel: +82-51-240-2872, Fax: +82-51-240-2947,
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  • Unpublished master’s thesis. Kangwon National University (2013) Advanced Science and Technology Letters Vol.88
  • 2015