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SmartSAM : A Multisensor Network Based Framework for Video Surveillance and Monitoring

  title={SmartSAM : A Multisensor Network Based Framework for Video Surveillance and Monitoring},
  author={Guna Seetharaman and S. Sitharama Iyengar},
A network of multi modal sensors with distributed and embedded computations is considered for a video surveillance and monitoring application. Practical factors limiting the video surveillance of large areas are highlighted. A network of line-of-sight sensors and mobile-agents based computations are proposed to increase the effectiveness. CMOS digital cameras in which both sampling and quantization occur on the sensor focal plane are more suitable for this application. These cameras operate at… 
A Line-of-Sight Sensor Network for Wide Area Video Surveillance: Simulation and Evaluation
The research described in this thesis shows that while the Line-of-Sight sensor cannot monitor areas with the ubiquity of video cameras alone, the combined network produces substantially fewer false alarms and superior location precision for numerous moving people than video.
An analytical framework for soft and hard data fusion: a dempster-shafer belief theoretic approach
A complete theoretical development of the proposed consensus strategy with rigorous proofs is provided and a graphical procedure and its associated message passing scheme for efficient computation of the conditionals, along with the theoretical bounds for computational costs are proposed.


The Robust Estimation of Multiple Motions: Parametric and Piecewise-Smooth Flow Fields
A framework based on robust estimation is presented that addresses violations of the brightness constancy and spatial smoothness assumptions caused by multiple motions of optical flow, and is applied to standard formulations of the optical flow problem thus reducing their sensitivity to violations of their underlying assumptions.
Integrated sensor and range-finding analog signal processor
The authors present experimental results from an array of cells, each of which contains a photodiode and the analog signal-processing circuitry needed for light-stripe range finding. Prototype
A 10000 frames/s CMOS digital pixel sensor
A 352/spl times/288 pixel CMOS image sensor chip with per-pixel single-slope ADC and dynamic memory in a standard digital 0.18-/spl mu/m CMOS process is described. The chip performs "snapshot" image
CMOS image sensors: electronic camera on a chip
  • E. Fossum
  • Art, Engineering
    Proceedings of International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1995
Recent advancements in CMOS image sensor technology are reviewed, including both passive pixel sensors and active pixel sensors that permit realization of an electronic camera-on-a-chip.
Performance of optical flow techniques
These comparisons are primarily empirical, and concentrate on the accuracy, reliability, and density of the velocity measurements; they show that performance can differ significantly among the techniques the authors implemented.
Closed-form connectivity-preserving solutions for motion compensation using 2-D meshes
Close-form, overdetermined solutions for least squares estimation of affine motion parameters for a triangular mesh, which preserve mesh-connectivity using patch-based or node-based connectivity constraints are presented.
A chronology of interpolation: from ancient astronomy to modern signal and image processing
This paper presents a chronological overview of the developments in interpolation theory, from the earliest times to the present date. It brings out the connections between the results obtained in
Velocity vectors for features of sequential oceanographic images
An approximation method to characterize the deformation of these image motions for the purpose of estimating the velocity field of these images, focused on the interpretation of the change in the extracted features of the Gulf Stream.
ZEUS: A Toolkit for Building Distributed Multiagent Systems
The ZEUS toolkit is a synthesis of established agent technologies with some novel solutions to provide an integrated collaborative agent-building environment that facilitates the rapid development of collaborative agent applications.