SmartBee; Multichannel Access ZigBee Gateway with Plug and Play Device Interface for Smart Home/Office Automation


SmartBee is a vertical solution given to control/monitor smart home/office devices, interconnecting IP and ZigBee networks. The key product of the system is SmartBee Gateway. In one end, it is connected with SmartBee enabled End Devices through ZigBee network. On the other end, it connects to internet so that the devices are accessible via multiple channels using IP. SmartBee Specification is introduced to manufacturers so that they can produce SmartBee enabled End Devices. It includes the communication protocol that is used between SmartBee Gateway and a particular SmartBee enabled End Device. It also provides guidelines to implement plug & play feature and authorization of the device for security. On IP side, SmartBee Gateway can connect to the SmartBee Central Management Server (CMS) through internet. CMS facilitates the multi-Chanel accessibility through web and mobile interfaces and third party applications which consumes the SmartBee Web Service. Thus home/office users can control/monitor their devices through internet. The web interface also facilitates to manufacturers to manage their profiles and SmartBee Device Packages, which introduces the particular SmartBee enabled End Device category to SmartBee System. For the purpose of demonstration of system functionality, compatibility and implementation of SmartBee specification, several example end devices as a power switch, a stepper motor, a Light intensity sensor and a SmartBee extender which extends the physical distance of the network, are implemented and controlled.

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