Smart urban electric transport system: An innovative real model


The rapid growth of the urban population is expected to further increase to 70% by 2050, therefore the demand for transport is growing exponentially and this has resulted in a cheap offer of transport systems that use yet fossil fuels, that have caused, especially in large urban agglomerations, major pollution problems, traffic congestion, oil demand [1]. According to a study on 75 US cities in 2000, a total of 3,6 billion vehicle-hours and 5,7 billion US gallons of fuel were wasted due to congestion-related delays, resulting in a congestion cost of $67,5 billion (Shaheen &finson, 2004) and in according to a study by the World Health Organization, the urban pollution kills 600,000 people a year in Europe, for an economic cost of more than 1600 billion dollars. Intelligent and sustainable transport can reduce the damage of air pollutants, are therefore required innovative strategies for mobility systems, with more control, flexibility and a drastic reduction of pollution. The use of alternative sources are certainly a starting point, but we must assisting them to a system of smart urban mobility in order to be able to meet the increasing demand. Several efforts have been undertaken to improve new transport systems, also thanks of ICT, but are unable to develop a model of urban transport that is smart and at the same time easily repeatable. The objective of this paper is to present a new model of real Smart Urban Electric Transport System (SUETS), which is based on a new model of electric car sharing, applied to the city of Naples. The project entitled Ci.Ro (City Roaming) was funded by the Ministry of University and Research and it has in a practical made it possible the implementation and definition of a repeatable and exportable model, after having identified the criticality of the system of shared transport, so as advocated by the European Community, through the contribution of innovative technologies..

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