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Smart public transportation system in the prospective of Bangladesh using android application and RFID technology

  title={Smart public transportation system in the prospective of Bangladesh using android application and RFID technology},
  author={Mohammed Adnan Uddin and Asif Faiyaz Bithil and Abed Al Shihab and Mashrah Bin Hyder},
In this project we have implemented the model of a Smart Public Bus Transportation System that will ease the hassle of women and senior citizens of our country, as we observed they face so many difficulties in their day to day life while using the Public Bus transportation. So we came up with a unique idea to ease their problem by technology. In this project, we tried to implement a model for Smart Public Transportation System In the prospective Of Bangladesh Using Android Application and RFID… 



Smart Highway Electronic Toll CollectionSystem

The RFID system uses RFID tag and RFID reader which collects information of vehicle passing through the toll plaza and automatically debits the toll amount from prepaid account of vehicle owner, which in return reduces the traffic congestion and human errors.


The proposed RFID system uses tags that are mounted on the windshields of vehicles, through which information embedded on the tags are read by RFID readers, eliminating the need for motorists and toll authorities to manually perform ticket payments and toll fee collections.

Cost- Benefit Analysis of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System in Iranian Freeways (Case Study: Tehran-Qom Freeway)

This paper focuses on the economic and technical analysis of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) after investigating the ETC systems in Tehran-Qom and Tehran-Karan freeways in Iran. It should be noted

Electronic toll collection technologies: A state of art review

This work covers the state of art of various existing electronic toll collection (ETC) technologies. Also, the present study covers the technical and economical aspects associated with these

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